To further drive the development of smart city and the integration of resources, as well as fully take the scientific and industrial advantages in smart city construction, the establishment of Wuhan Research Institute for Smarter Cities was officially approved by “Wuhan smart city construction leading group" in March 30, 2012. Led by Huazhong University of Science and Technology, this institute has become an integration platform of industry, education and research resources, and executed series of substantive work to support smart city construction in Wuhan.

    Wuhan Research Institute for Smart Cities will create an integrated service platform armed with industry, learning, research and comprehensive services, which will focuses on Wuhan smart city construction, and mainly provide support and services in the following five aspects: resource sharing, design and development, scientific research, technology incubator, education and training.

The pattern of the trinity

  • investment and financing service

    Creating docking channel between enterprise and capital

  • industrial park development

    Building Headquarters Economy and industrial cluster

  • Technical support

    Providing opportunities of smart city
    construction projects for enterprises


  • Smart city

    Completely and thoroughly perception, ubiquitous broadband on Internet, smart fusion application and people-oriented sustainable innovation

  • Smart transport

    Through car networking coverage, implementing general parking, illegal parking, insurance and other full service

  • Smart territorial resources

    Structuring harmonious, interactive, secure and smart territorial planning and management system

  • Smart Green

    Make rivers and lakes and Big Wuhan more vivid, build “Green river town, livable Wuhan”

  • Smart residential

    Property management system as the foundation, integrate all public information and home application system and give feedback to user end through cloud

  • Smart medical

    Deep mining intelligent operations information, to maximize the synergy effect and the overall treatment and planning

  • Smart urban management

    The capital of tomorrow is intelligence ——Dr. Juf Neil

  • Smart travel

    Build a platform for smart travel service covering the basic necessities of life

  • Smart Municipal Construction

    “Smart government” is to realize the digitalized, networked, smart and fined government

  • Public security

    Analyze and anticipate the danger and react quickly

  • Food and medicine security

    Make secure food and medicine available everywhere

  • Fundamental infrastructure

    The development of city fundamental infrastructure provides physical grantee for the construction of the city


  • Smart medical pilot project in central hospital

  • Smart Fisheries pilot project of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau of Fisheries in Hannan District

  • Digital administrative decision auxiliary system based on GIS platform in Jiangxia District

  • Public security video surveillance system in Wuhan City

  • Road and bridge (ETC) system in Wuhan

  • “JiuZhouTong” medicinal electronic business project

  • Safe and traceable information management system for meat quality in Wuhan

  • Public service platform for car networking

  • Wuhan geospatial cloud information platform

  • Information system of municipal administrative service center

  • “Wireless optics valley”

  • ELV intelligent project in YongJing business District of Wuhan

  • "Food Network - electronic dish box application"

  • "Wing travel" project of China Telecom Wuhan Branch

  • Integrated operation management platform for sewage treatment

  • Safe and traceable system for food quality in smart supermarket

  • Smart bus system in Wuhan

  • Smart endowment platform in WuChang District

  • Social Management and service information system in JiangHan District of Wuhan

  • E pulse smart terminal R & D and smart home endowment cloud services platform

  • "Smart campus" demonstration project in Wuhan second middle school

  • QR code on outstanding historical building

  • Wuhan public service platform for digital urban management

  • Wuhan smart TV Bookstore project

  • "I show China" public location service platform project

  • Smart integrated park management system based on ETC background payment

  • Smart integrated park management system based on ETC background payment and other deepen application project